a big thank you to everyone

Thank you to everyone that has made a donation to my go fund me page I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It’s helped me so much by putting me on the path to setting up my own business. 

I would like to break down the marketing strategy we used in order to get the donations we needed within one month. Here are the main things that we found that helped the campaign. 

Coming up with a great title – we used a play on words, so instead of using back me up we used my name and called the campaign Beck me up which was the first step to setting up a successful go fund me campaign.

 Another important thing is to come up with a great pitch video, keep it short but make sure you get all your points across. Also as a bonus tip to help your campaign you could include bonuses- gifts for your donors.

  Once you set up your campaign, in general,  it’s time to start getting some traffic so what i did was told some of my closest friends to get the word out that’s the easiest way to start any kind of marketing campaign.

 Word-of-mouth is probably the most powerful thing ever in marketing and we use it all the time in business.  So from just sending the link to my closest friends and then getting them to share it I was able to gather around £200 in just one day.

 So to sum it up we came up with a compelling title. we wrote a great description then we made a pitch video. then we simply just spread it to our closest friends and got them to share all over social media. 

Then the rest was history – we were able to gather the donations and now I have all the equipment I need to start my digital marketing journey.

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