Week 10 at Digital Advantage

As you know I get up to lots of things at Digital Advantage. Week 10 was no exception I did a range of tasks they kept me busy which I really enjoyed. Some of these tasks include:

  • I’ve started taking a course online about social media campaigns and how to use them effectively. I’ve already learnt a lot from that course things like demographics and the types of platforms you can use for social media.
  • I started tweeting for the GM Autism Consortium some statistics about employment with a disability and autism.
  • I wanted to improve my video editing skills and my grammar so I talked to Rav is and we worked out a plan – I’m going to do that. Please check out the video below…

other links

Digital Advantage

The Federation

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Beck, the work with GM autism sounds really interesting. Can you share a link to some of the tweets so that I can have a look? Thanks


  2. Hi Beck, I love this style of video. The mix of imagery really helps to bring the story alive. Great work. Keep it up. Oh and you are a natural presenter.


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