A change in the workspace

 So today I got work with The Federation Instead of Digital Advantage. I got to work with Katie Wood for The Federation. I got to do a range of tasks. Including scheduling twitter posts for The federation twitter account using a software called sprinklr which allows the user to schedule social media posts with ease. So after I have finished doing some social media I was shown how the Federation run setting up events and bookings. I also got to make them A one page website because they didn’t really like the current setup of the newsletter which is what I created the website for so people could easily sign up to their newsletter. I also got to go downstairs where Ezra was delivering a Digital Blast training so I took some photos ready to publish to my blog. Along with that I met Seamus for another chat about the GM autism amongst many other things. He introduced me to a talented young woman  Niamh Who is on work experience for one week with Seamus. She is also set up her own blog which she is looking to publish in the near future I tried to help them fix a problem they had with the blogging software. As well as tweet an Infographic to the GM autism Twitter account with the help of Niamh. Thank you everyone for Reading this blog post the video version is below there’s plenty more projects coming in the future for me so make sure you subscribe to the blog.

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