day 5 at Digital inc

Day 5 was really good  The Cathedral School of St Peter and St John RC Primary came in for a digital blast training with Ezra and Simon.

I worked on the digital advantage Instagram along with the digital inc agency blog.

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also check the video version of the blog out below.

day 5

thanks everyone for viewing

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Day 2 At Digital ink

So one of the first things I did when I arrived was talk about social media with Ezra Rushen , From digital advantage We also talked about what needs to be done for the day

Then we started to chat about WordPress and how we could set up a WordPress blog Up that’s what you’re reading right now.

I then made some simple tweaks to the WordPress website and change the theme so that we could make the design of the website more clean and so it fits are kind of style.

then after making all those tweaks I made my first blog post that would be ready to publish on the WordPress website.

Me and Ezra Rushen Also had a chat about go fund me because that’s

how we are going to achieve funding so I can buy myself a Mac book air because I need that to do my work experience because I don’t have a laptop currently.

So then I created a go fund me account ready for when we launch a campaign on there.

I made a test campaign so that we could see how the go fund me platform works

then I wrote a list The things we need for a go fund me campaign so that we could be successful At it

Then I had a spot of lunch

Then after that I joined Ezra Rushen and Andy lovit for a meeting about 60 second shorts for careers advice that they are putting together with a production team I gave my thoughts on digital marketing I made a video talking about teaching you can watch it below

After that meeting I had another meeting with Ezra Rushen and Seamus, Alex about a couple of projects they were putting together

Then it was time to go home and I got picked up by my mum

There is a gallery below where there are photos of the day

Also I had made a reflection video so I can reflect on what I need to get better and check it out below

watch these videos below

this is my reflections video
here is a video of me sharing some of my views on lessons in the first meeting i had

my school are health and safety mad

so i thought this would be quite funny to white about. when i first went to my work placement my school

Wanted me to take photos posing next to things like the fire extinguisher, fire exists, fire alarms and loads of different things.

Oh I thought it was quite funny because I’m actually there to do things like digital marketing but instead I got to pose like a model in front of fire exits and fire extinguishers.

Check the photos out below.

my first week at – digital inc

week 1

i really enjoyed myself i did lots of work. around social media and gofundme.

the building was really cool

i also met new people including Dominic Abraham-Newman , the events and community manager of The Federation where i go to work on a Friday.

i was also introduced to Damian Payton , founder of Hive Learning Network.

i got to do lots of work with social media including – hashtag research using a website called AllHASHTAGS

we also took lots of photos take a look here

I plan on doing video reflections to show the work i have been doing in my work placement check the week 1 video below